As estate agency we offer all services connected to buying and selling of residential buildings, lands, farms in italy, and to rent agreements. We distinguish from a mass of brokers with no qualification, ethics and – sadly - often with no competence, that easily create the premises for administrative and fiscal irregularities.

We guarantee the maximum confidentiality and privacy, with particular respect to historical villas and relevant farms.
Thanks to our discretion and to the professionalism we manage information with, many properties are proposed to our agency.



We help and advice clients in finding the right real estate for their needs. People who search for a real estate do not always consider all features connected to purchase: often, simply because they are not aware of them. Living in a detached house is different than living in an apartment; living in a rural district is different than living in the downtown.
Properly defining your needs and priorities is the first, essential step to grant you the best wellness from your new home. In today’s market and in the current situation the best choice is relying on our agency and our staff, that will find the right opportunity for you.

In detail, we offer:
  • Fact-finding conversation to identify our client’s needs
  • Expert advice on purchase
  • Research and checking of documents pertaining the real estate
  • Help and support in negotiation
  • Drafting and registration of promise of sale and purchase agreements
  • Advice on loans and mortgage
  • Assistance at notarial deed
  • After-sale assistance


The choice of selling a real estate always comes from a need: a new residence to buy; an inheritance to share; a property you cannot take advantage of; a need of liquidity. Property right on real estate is one of the values acknowledged and shared in Venetian tradition: an important factor of the individual’s economic safety, that Agenzia Terra Casa acknowledges and aims to promote in the territory. For these reasons, before supporting our clients in the sale of their real estates, we exchange views with them in order to understand the right choice for their future.

In detail, we offer:
  • Buying and selling of residential, commercial and industrial real estate, development lands and agricultural lands.
  • Valuations and surveys of real estate, by means of the “Unified System for measurement of areas” or by means of the “European Property Valuation Standard”, in addition to instruments for valuation of the market price such as the "FIAIP Property Observatory".
  • Advertising of your property, from the shop window of our agency to our web-site and social networks.
  • Cadastral documents and mortgage inspections before any deed.
  • Energetic certificate;
  • Accurate photographic service of the property and focused initiatives agreed with the client.


  • Rent of residential, commercial or industrial real estate.
  • Advice, drafting and registration of rental agreements.
  • Support on activation / tranfer of registration of consumptions.
  • Assistance for the entire duration of the rent agreement.
  • Yearly renewals, extentions, dissolution and termination of agreements.


  • Drafting of promise of sale and purchase agreements and of offers of purchase and sale
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Rights of way
  • Divisions
  • Inquiries on seller’s debts and mortgage
  • Law of property: rights on the goods.
  • Community of property, time-sharing and co-ownership
  • Patrimonial responsibility: pledge and mortgage
  • Commercial law and analysis of balance sheets
  • Bankrupcty and insolvency procedures
  • Law of family
  • Inheritance
  • Tax law and tributes in the real estate field
  • Taxation
  • Technical urban regulation
  • Loans: leasings and other forms
  • Buildings: law prescriptions
  • Valuations of buildings, plots of land, farms and companies


  • Because the solution of a mediation often requires creativity, flexibility and management of criticalities.
  • Because when huge assets are in the running, administrative and tax competences are necessary to solve various critical situations. By suggesting the right procedures, we let sellers complete their programs and let buyers achieved their wished investment, with maximum advantage fot both parties. Consider these two examples: 1. the ad hoc establishment of a company in the context of a purchase agreement; 2. the change of the class of a building by dividing the space in apartments. These operations require the competence and experience we can offer.

Our contribution to property sale brokerage goes beyond the simple intersection between supply and demand.