Terra Casa: our mission

We are an estate agency located in North-Treviso. With seat in Ponte di Piave, we mainly serve the districts near river Piave: Cimadolmo, Maserada, San Biagio di Callalta, Ponte di Piave, Salgareda, Oderzo โ€“ these are some of the principal locations in which our real estate offers are available.

We live in a territory where real estate, and plots of land most, are considered an essential value of tradition. Real estate is a synonimous of economic safety, of certainty for the future. Generations from this land made of house and land ownership their principal project and target to reach. For themselves and, often, for their children too.

We live in a territory that is rich of resources. Land, everywhere fertile and vesatile, fit for cultivating any agricultural product, from arable products to fruits to wines (among which we must mention Prosecco). Venetian mansions, numerous in our towns, heritage of the wealth of nobility and lords from Venice, that used to build their summer residence in our territory.

As estate agency we know the riches of our territory, we strongly believe in the values of our tradition, that we support and carry on.

We wish to give and actually give the help our clients need when they have to buy or sell a property. We work to suggest, inform, conduct who turns to us in the delicate phases of choice, negotiation and sale or purchase of real estate. Every deed in real estate market is, for our clients, an improvement of their wellness: our target is to maximize it.

We treat the real estate resources offered by our territory. We are specialized in real estate market connected to agriculture, offering agricultural plots of land and entire farms for sale. In particular, we offer plots of lands next to river Piave, particularly suitable for grapevine cultivation. We also offer plots of lands already planted with prosecco and various plots of arable land.

Moreover, we turn to people who wish to invest in Venetian villas. In our territory there are many offers of ancient mansions in typical Venetian style for sale: noble residencial buildings, that often combine architectural high-value of the building with interior rich frescos, sculptures and quality furniture. This market is especially appealing foreign investors, that appreciate the value of these buildings, surrounded by an environment uncontaminated by mass tourism and that reminds the ancient glory of the Republic of Serenissima, making it live again.

We turn to each individual from our land to help him finding his home, both in ownership or for rent. We turn to young couples searching for their first house, their first apartment โ€“ the first, important, project to share. We turn to separated people requiring for a solution to rent or a small property to become their new house. We turn to people who have an old house to sell, even if inherited, to put them into contact with potential buyers; to people who need to sell their property to migrate abroad, or to people that have walked their road and wish to come back to their land from abroad. We search for solutions that let people who turn to us find their wellness. We will find the house they will consider "home".