Case History

## Vi proponiamo alcuni incarichi di progetti immobiliare realizzati. ## MANCA TRADUZIONE

#1: Volksbank: mission: finding two seats for the branches of Oderzo and Pordenone.

This important international lending institution turned to us, asking to find a place to open a new branch fulfilling the following requisites:
  • central position
  • easy to reach
  • nearby parkings
  • certain lenght of the area and position of the rooms.
We did our consulting work for the Oderzo branch first. Afterwards Volksbank, enthusiastic for the service, turned again to us asking the same service for a branch in Pordenone, with certain requests about the position and the characteristics of the place.

Speed and flexibility: negotiation was short (less than 10 days for both rental agreements) and we found solutions for the use of rooms that made both customer and owner demands correspond.

#2: Sale of a farm in Ponte di Piave: 6 hectares of vineyard.

It was a farm with 6 hectares of vineyard, all within the banks of river Piave. A both rare and valuable land, for which Agenzia Immobiliare Terra Casa was already in contact with a businessman interested in buying.
The farm was part of an inheritance co-owned by 4 brothers in a very belligerent situation - that was the toughest hurdle to overcome. The work of mediation of Agenzia Immobiliare Terra Casa between brothers let us find in only two weeks a solution that all brothers agreed with - with the relevant offer submittend to the buyer. The purchase closed after a further very short negotiation.

This case history aims to show that mediation work cannot be restricted to creating an intersection between supply and demand, but proves its full efficiency ed utility in identifying the hurdles and in recommending the right solutions, being them of juridical or – as in this case – of purely human nature.