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The real estate market is constantly evolving and it’s becoming increasingly important to support the client throught all the delicate phases of the rent, purchase and sale.



A rental or lease agreement involves both the homeowner and tenant in a relationship that may last for many years, so it is very important to decide and report clearly all the aspects that govern it. Signing a rental contract is the last step in this process wich, if undertaken superficially, can negatively affect the quality of the relationship, even economically.
Our agency takes care of finding the right tenant, by verifying his earning capacity and financial solvency, as well as the conclusion of the contract that must contain the provisions of the law and the agreement between the parties. We also offer support regarding the activation or turning over of utilities.

Within 30 days from the stipulation of the rental contract, the Real estate agency proceed to its electronically registration at the Revenue Agecy, paying any possible taxes. We also take care of the payment of registration tax for the annual renewal of the contract and any subsequent obligations (extensions, transfers , early termination…).

We also offer the possibility to the landlord to stipulate a regulated tenancy through Confedilizia, saving 25% of IMU tax each year.



Those who are looking for a property to buy, must face a long and tortuos path before finding the house of their dreams: the times often could be long and may take a considerable amount of time and energy.

The property finder is also known as the “house hunter”: the focus shifts completely towards the buyer. We therefore take care of searching and finding the right property by offering a customized service according to client necessities.

Here are the main reasons why more and more buyers choose property finding to find a home:

  • A single interlocutor, avoiding the need to contact multiple real estate agencies;
  • Customized search service, so as to save time, viewing only the proposals that meets client needs;
  • Having a professional availabe throughout the buying process, who also deals with bureucratic tasks;
  • Wider property search range.



In order to sell a property, it is necessary to evaluateit precisely and accurately.
In the province of Treviso you can rely on Terra Casa for the real estate appraisal: we provide real estate advice and service to be able to evaluate, sell or rent properties at the right price.

Our real estate consultants are able to perform a structural assessment of the state of the property, through an on-site inspection and consultation of plans, considering any irregular works, and determining the appropriate commercial value. This service is totally free.



Made through affiliated: in order to sell a property it is mandatory to have the Energy Performance Certificate which show us wich energy class the property corresponds to. We use precise, quick and flexible external support to get the property sold or rented quickly.

It is essential to obtain this certification before offering the property for sale.



The urban and catastal conformity is a fundamental aspect to be able to proceed with the sale of a property. The building regularity is essential both in case of buying and selling and in case of restructuring, because since from the comparison between the current state of the building and the qualification, non-conformities or building abuses can be found.

The building may have been altered or constructed in a manner inconsistent with the design submitted to the municipality. Responsibility for building compliance in case of deed is not the notary but the seller, that at the time of deed of sale he must declare under his own resposibility, the urban conformity of the property. The buyer, in the other hand, must make sure that this regularity really exist in order not to have problems in the future when carrying out renovation works or selling the property again.
So it is advisable to have the urban conformity checked by a technician and, in case of irregularities, to ask for possible amnesties in order to restore the staus quo.



Made through affiliated: we make use of professional firms for the development of the various building practices necessary to regularize any existing defects on the property or to restructure it.



From the negotiation to the deed are many activities for which the assistance of the real estate consultant is really important. Reaching an agreement between the parties is not always a simple matter, the presence of the real estate agent makes the meeting easier, allows you to ease the tensions and find an agreement that is satisfactory to all the parties involved.

The drafting of a preliminary contract is the delicate next step in which the real estate agent has a definite responsibility, you must carefully reproduce all the details of the agreement because from the stipulation what will have value between the parties will be just the contract.



Affiliate consultant: our mortgage consultant is available by appointment at our offices for:

  • Checking the feasibility of the loan at different banks to propose the most advantageous conditions to the customer;
  • Access to subsidized, goverment-guaranteed mortgages up to 100% of the property value.
  • Subrogations